Acxiom/Roku CTV and Video (Add-On)


$45 per mille (qty 1 = 1000 ads) of mixed CTV and premium FEP video adverts.


First-of-its-kind partnership bridges the gap between television and digital audiences.

We are the First and Original CTV-FEP data layered delivery system. With more than 125k layerable data segments, we can deliver your (30-60 sec) video to the network streaming audience.

Where Does it Go? Virtually Every Channel on Hulu, DirecTv Now, Pluto, Sling, Fubu, Philo and so much more. Your ad can run on any one of the 100’s of network channels these streaming services use, including local news and local channels.
Where Does it Target? The ads only deliver to your geo and to your data identified customers. These services stream to the app’s on TVs, Game Consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, and all other devices using these apps.
FEP Identifies all the standalone Network apps; every broadcast app available. FEP apps can be found on every device including TVs, but unlike a streaming service with many channels, it’s specific to a channel’s shows. Popular FEP apps include ESPN, CBS, Fox News, AMC, Spike, TNT, TCM.


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